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High School Talent Battles (

Type That!
We’re a team devoted to bringing an approachable, unique, and entertaining competitive social game to the mobile masses!

Cafe playlist
Virtual jukebox service

Speakr helps you choose which club you want to go to tonight by scoring them based on realtime vibe. And if you don’t trust our vibe algorithm, just listen to the livestream and decide for yourself.

Kitty Karaoke
A social gaming platform that allows users to select an adorable kitty avatar and karaoke battle their friends.

Fitbot (
Fitness is hard, tracking it shouldn’t be!

GIGLR is a crowdsourced funding platform where musicians can raise money for their shows/tours locally and internationally. GIGLR is a gigstarter: a kickstarter for gigs.

Startup Trail (
The Startup Trail is game that helps players learn about running a startup by simulating founders’ business decisions through a fun game environment.

A service that allows you to tag snippets of music to photos. You can then replay back a slideshow of photos with the music playing in the background. You can also purchase the full tracks of the snippets that are being played in the slideshow.

Scanaloo (
Social product review website for products people consume everyday, in particular CPG and specific restaurant items. Users receive reviews/guidance from their friends in real time or have access to crowd
A description of your team is about.sourced commentary on scanaloo website. As users put up reviews and conduct polls, they “level up” their profile.

HireUp (
Life is a Game. We turn the interview selection process into a game for users and a streamlined simple way to view candidates social and experiential capital in one place.

Ninja Smart (
A “Hack and Slash” educational game in which rapid answer recognition is required to advance in the game.

ThePulsus (
Customizing the Internet through personality perspective: Curating personalized search results based on your personality color.

Jam Session
Connecting people through music