August 2011 Startup Weekend Teams


I’ll Eat It!
Ever seen a tasty treat on food show, and you thought to yourself, ‘I’d eat that!’ You’re in the right place! We’ll help you find the delicacy of your choosing at a location near you. If we can’t find it there, we’ll send it to you!

Resisting your impulses is hard – join a community of people who understand just how hard it is. Maybe you don’t need a weekly self help group, but don’t you want to tell somebody about those little victories? It’s those moments throughout the day when the craving hits, and you beat that sucker down. No steps, no sign-ups, no religious overtones – just will power.

Foodalicious is a service that allows you to rate not just restaurants but the individual food items at restaurants. This will not only allow users to make a more educated decision on their food choices but also allow us to make recommendations to users on what foods they could potentially have (Pandora for food!)

Hidden Gems
A school administrative tool that is a Web-Based Disciplinary Tracking system that will connect students to Community Organizations to target their social and behavioral issues to make them better social citizens.
Wayfinding through buildings. Formerly known as Cover Me.

What The Founder
You think you’re a startup? Prove it.
Find out if your founding team is on the same page. Get your Startup Compatibility Score ™, fix what’s partially working or reject what’s broken.

Lockeroom lets you create tournaments on demand.

Turning all the world’s news text in to audio. Then delivering it to you cross platform, however you want.

an Android app focused on making it easier for dogs to connect with other dogs to have fun.

Froosh! features the latest local specials by connecting consumers who are passionate about locally sourced foods with local specials at restaurants within their area.

Style Crushes
Style Crushes hunts for fashion items you see on the street and provides recommendations for different products at a more affordable price point

Legal Sailing
Interactive decision tree for start-ups to obtain legal advice
To integrate security deposits and dispute resolution for sublease agreements

Email analytics

Plugs and Wifi
Find a place to work near you for an hour or an afternoon.

Postcards From Anywhere
Send real postcards from anywhere in the world to anyone with personal, handwritten messages. For fun. For flair. For your collection. Or for your alibi!

A budgeting mobile app. designed to assist high school to young professionals to have a visual aid in managing their budget.
Invite only sites for invite only sites

A web-based platform for local errands and niche services

Share With 911
Creating emergency information network that enables 911, First Responders and Citizens to share information bi-directionally via mobile and web.