Presentations for NYC Startup Weekend June 2011



Incorporation package from Buhler Duggal & Henry LLP ($2000)
$200 Credit from AWS
SendGrid 3 month Silver plan
10,000 Free Vertical Response Credits
10 Free O’reilly Ebooks courtesy of PayPal X
Presentation Slot at Hoboken Tech Meetup

10,000 Free Vertical Response Credits
SendGrid 3 month Bronze Plan
5 Free O’reilly Ebooks courtesy of PayPal X

3rd PrizeBrandPulsar
SendGrid 3 month Bronze Plan
5 Free O’reilly Ebooks courtesy of PayPal X

One year of free FreshBooks service

Aviary PrizeBeards For Breasts
iPad 2 to the best Aviary implementation

PayPal X PrizeSelfey
$500 to team that best uses PayPal

Microsoft Prize Beards for Breasts
All conference attendance fees paid for

empowers YOU to control access to your personal data and get more relevant advertising. lets you protect your information, and, if you want, YOU can share your info and get paid for it.

BloodHound is the Social Analytics platform

Get access to those that matter whilst donating to your favorite charities
Grandmaster Life wants to teach you what makes you tick, so that you can design and live a masterful life of your own, rather than leave things to chance or succumb to the manipulations of others.

We want to form an alliance with all DB vendors to create the open standardized API for ALL DATA.

If we can provide A/B testing for databases that would have a provable ROI on the best MIX of data stores, would you use it?

Saucy Chefs
Invite one of our chefs into your kitchen and get a home cooked meal made especially for you and your guests. is the world’s first Social Accommodation Booking engine, for young independent travelers, that allow them to see who is going to stay in the hostels & guesthouses listed before they book, and even connect with them after booking a bed. crowd-sources your contact management across all the networks you already use. Search your friends’ public tag cloud curated by all the people that know them best or create private tags that are just for you. Tagify! Define your world.

social reputation trading marketplace

Show Me the Love
Show the love. Have a kick-ass relationship.

A website and mobile app that will give you insight into what is and isn’t working in your relationships. The recipient of your act of caring rates what you do, giving you information about what’s really meaningful to them.

Loopkin provides a platform for family members to stay in the loop.
Make watching and sharing videos and movies a more engaging and social experience at

eFlirt Engine
We match singles with dating sites. Make sure you and your perfect partner meet.

A hot or not style product discovery tool. Like for Etsy.

Beards for Breasts
A cure for breast cancer – one beard at a time.

MenuReel is revolutionizing online menus through food photography and dynamic visual search. We allow restaurants to transform their text-based menus into visually engaging, photo-based menus to entice customers. Our database of menu photos allows restaurant seekers to SEE dishes as well as dynamically search and compare menu items across restaurants.
Product placement: it’s not just for movies. Now you can place products in your Facebook photos for fun and profit.
A t-shirt site selling the finest in Lebron James hater gear. A percentage of profits go to the Lebron James Foundation.

Mobile app that enables people to advance their position in line by paying those in the front of the line for their spot.

BrandPulsar is a company that allows automatic brand recognition in pictures posted on blogs. Through it users can access brand’s websites/FB/Twitter directly from the picture… Brands will have access to analytics of their web presence driven by the public and how they compare to their competitors.


Need a ride. Have a ride. Share a ride. RideHack connects drivers and passengers going to the same destination. Save money, save time, save earth, and enjoy a little company.

A game based on “save for later” reading services like Instapaper to encourage you to actually read what you’ve saved.

Renthackr is a “glassdoor” for rent, enabling users to share and view what unlisted apartments cost to rent and when apartments will become available.