Contribute to New Work City’s Kickstarter project!


Our venue, New Work City, is opening their new location on September 1st. It’s gonna be kick-ass and we are very excited to host one of the first events in their new space!

New Work City is a community that’s open to anyone willing to participate and contribute. This includes startups, hackers, freelancers, students, lawyers, telecommuters, designers, writers, artists and all-around brilliant awesome people. Their new space will include a large coworking facility, as well as multipurpose space for Meetups, workshops, classes, and more. Everything they do will be geared toward helping people lead better, more independent lifestyles.

To raise money for renovations, they started a Kickstarter project. Check it out and please consider contributing to what’s gonna be an awesome resource for the NYC tech/startup scene.

Check out their Kickstarter page here:

More information: